COM Fender Vintage Strat

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Unusual guitar with a mix of some tasty vintage Fender American components.

  • 1961 neck
  • 1979-81 Body
  • 1971 pickups
  • 1990s Case

As was often the way back in the 80s, before the vintage boom, this instrument has been put together with parts from multiple instruments.

The neck is a most sought after 1961, it has at some point been re-fretted and re profiled to a 9.5 radius (quite a common practise), and to fit its new body the original screw holes have been filled and new ones drilled.. A few score marks in the rosewood fingerboard. Replacement heads.

These necks are gold dust, one in perfect condition would command more than the asking price of this guitar. 

The body is a CBS 1981, international series Sienna Sunburst.

Finish wise, it has its original poly bass with a nitro overspray, which is very evident in patches, the nitro is missing in places and nicely aged on most of the body...looks great..

Originally a 3 bolt neck , to accommodate the neck, new holes have been drilled and the mid spaced lower 3rd hole filled, on the inside of the neck pocket there is also a circular patch of filler where the lower screw would have original come through.

Trem assembly looks like a high quality replacement. Non original neck plate !

Electric wise, the volume pot is original, other pots/ caps replacements .

The 80s pickups have been swapped out for a set of desirable 1971 ones..

1990s Fender case

All working and playing well, set up in our workshop ready to go...Interesting!!