Alvarez RT16 Travel (inc bag)

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The Alvarez RT16 Regent 7/8 Travel Size Acoustic Guitar is just the right size dreadnought to take with you when you are on the go! From the campfire to air travel, you will find the RT16 to be perfect for all of your travel guitar needs!
With a laminated spruce top and mahogany back and sides, the RT16 has a surprisingly warm and rounded tone that you might not expect from a travel guitar in this price range; a fact that probably has a lot to do with its use of the Alvarez bi-level bridge technology that lets the vibrations from the strings travel further up the instrument in spite of the lack of a solid-wood top.

Built on a dreadnought body, the RT16 may be smaller than usual, but its general shape gives you a decidedly big sound for such a small instrument. In fact, for those players who are more slightly built, the RT16 can be a great choice for a regular guitar in that it gives you all the features of a dreadnought guitar without the problems that come from trying to handle a full-sized dreadnought. Just think of being able to get the depth and volume of a dreadnought without the depth of body that can be awkward for many guitarists to handle.

Not only does the RT16 sound great, it also comes with a padded gig bag to protect your instrument from the bumps and scratches it can get from being taken around to all of those places that you want a guitar but would rather not take a more expensive model.